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We’ve all seen that team. The team that you instantly recognize; with their dark burgundy lips, zig-zag centre part and that unforgettable team uniform. They’ve found their identity and they wear it proud.

Have you ever imagined having that same impact whenever your team shows up? You’re not alone.

As team leaders, you shape how your team is viewed- yeah, you! So if your team isn’t turning heads yet, you’ve got some work to do… but we’re here to help.

A team identity is made up of consistent visual cues and we see this through makeup, hair, uniform, costumes and even team spirit. Now, that doesn’t seem so hard, does it? It is all about making decisions that align with your dream, team identity. BUT wait- what is your dream team identity?


So now it’s time to dig deep. Dream BIG. Envision the long term future of your team. When others view you, what do you want them to think, feel, attach to? What do you want them to remember you by?

That team that wore different shades of red lipstick?

That team that didn’t have time to finish their hair?

That team that didn’t look like a team?

No, right? Why would you put all this effort into running a studio and leading a team, if you wanted others to view you as anything less than awesome?

You are awesome. You are unique. You deserve to stand out and be differentiated at competition. So what DO you want to be known for?

Here are some ideas of dream team identities… but don’t limit yourself to just these- keep thinking outside the box. What speaks to you?

Choose 1-3 words that are ideal identities of your team and latch on to these. Make it known. Share it with your teachers, instructors, coaches, parents and performers. Know your identity. When you’ve chosen an identity that speaks to you, your routines and studio etiquette will naturally align with it. But this is where some effort comes in. We need those visual cues to keep telling that story of your identity, and consistently. So what are YOUR visual cues going to be?

Makeup is a great tool to assist in telling the story of your team identity. Use any of these four makeup techniques to unify and differentiate yourself:

1. Lipstick

It has the easiest application and removal; use this with quick costume changes and with routine styles.

For example: Burgudy for jazz, nude for contemporary, black for hiphop. Easy peasy.

2. Glitter

Deciding to use glitter means that it’s now a part of your identity-because it will literally stay ON you for a while!

When incorporating glitter into your team look, colour options are endless, so choose one that fits your style. Use your glitter in non traditional spots, and your team will be hard to forget.

3. Liner Looks

You thought there were only two liner looks, didn’t you? There is more than just winged and non-winged options; and we are a fan of them ALL. Choose a liner looks that aligns with your identity.

4. Colour

Ah yes, colour. The scariest part of choosing your team makeup look.

You don’t want it to clash with your costumes, you want it to look good on all skin tones, and you want your look to be timeless- to name a few! We’ll dig deeper into these in our stories to come; but for now just know that colour isn’t the scary part- making a decision and sticking with it, is.

We are seeing more and more, that colours and costumes do not have to match but rather just be complimentary. By incorporating colours into your makeup look, your team identity will always shine through. You can choose to use your studio brand colours, or colours that align with your dream identity. Within the colours you have chosen, you can easily choose a shade that will combat all of your fears. Your colour selection CAN work with your costumes and CAN work across skin tones- you just have to put in the effort to find that right shade.

The effort you put in now to make these decisions, will be SO impactful! You don’t have to overload and have 5 different lipsticks, glitter, a unique liner look AND a unique eye look… now THAT’S just overwhelming.

Choose 1-2 makeup tools for your team that help unify you. You can evolve your look as your team evolves, and elaborate on your look throughout the years.

Do you need help finding your team identity and aligning your team makeup look? That’s our expertise. Send us an email with any questions or ideas; we’d love to hear from you – or book directly online for your free team consultation!

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