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A popular choice among all performers this season, is a nude or deep brown lip. A natural lip colour pairs well with modern performance pieces. It seems the street trend of ‘bare faced beauty’ has transitioned to the performance world, with this natural look hitting the stage. We’re happy to see this trend pick up momentum because nude shades gives routines a raw, authentic element on stage. The downfall is that it can more difficult to be seen on stage in a nude lip shade — so like any lip choice, you can pick and choose when you want to incorporate this natural look.

On the other hand, we’ve seen many performers opt for a bold black lip. Now… the true trend setters have been rocking this shade the past three seasons, but it’s seems a black lip is finally getting the recognition it deserves and for good reason. Not only does black lipstick give you a bold makeup look for your performance, it can also help develop the theme and impact your routine will have on stage.

Of course there is always still a time and place to work a classic red lip and we’re still seeing it as the primary colour choice across teams. However, more and more teams are setting variations of reds depending on the age group. Senior performers are likely seen wearing a dark burgundy lip for a more mature look, while the younger dancers are wearing a bright red or fuchsia pink lip.

Lastly, we are seeing more purple vibes than ever before! Choosing a vibrant fuschia with purple undertones is a popular choice this season, as well as deep plum for that mature, edgier team look. We love seeing these shades hit the stage, because we aren’t afraid of colour, and neither should you be!


If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that the smokey eye will never die. A simple smokey eye is still the go to eyeshadow look this season, most often seen paired with winged liner. This choice is made to keep the makeup look functional and convenient for performers, while still ensuring the eyes and facial expressions can be seen while on stage. A smokey eye is almost guaranteed to match any performance, so dancers can keep the same look from one routine to the next.

By no means does this suggest that studios aren’t getting creative with their smokey eye. At competition we can see studios using the smokey eye as a base and using tools to enhance this classic look. We’ve seen pops of colour, glitter and jewels all added in various ways to a smokey eye. In this way, studios can set themselves apart from other competitors, and show to their judges that they’ve taken extra measures to increase the aesthetic appeal of their performance.


We briefly mentioned performers using glitter over a smokey eye above, but the TRUTH is that glitter is being used at this years competitions more creatively than ever before! Glitter isn’t just seen over an eye look, but also on the lips, hair and body. A pop of light catching glitter provides your performance with a splash of deft impact that won’t be easily forgotten.


When it comes to hair, over the past few seasons high buns and high ponytails have dominated the seen. The signature Arianna Grande look could be seen left and right at competitions. BUT along with the 2018 competition season came change! High buns and high ponytails are on their way out, while low buns and low ponytails are on the return. From about 2004 to 2008 low pony with a side part were all the rage, and it seems, 10 years later its finally made it’s come back with one slight change; low buns and ponytails can be seen in a side AND centre part. As with the high pony, we can definitely see this look getting its inspo from current popular celebrity looks (think the Kardashians).

Last season we also saw a lot of braids across performers of all ages. We mean A LOT. French braids into a bun or ponytail, pigtail braids, and any other kind of variation of braids you can imagine. Similar to the choice of a smokey eye, braids usually match across multiple performances and is a hairstyle dancers can choose to leave in all day. While we’ll definitely still seeing a lot of this trend this 2018 competition season, the volume has diminished. This year has been more focused on simpler hairstyles that are easier to touch up and modify between performances.

Finally, our favourite double buns are still a hit amongst performers, especially the kiddies! This is a great way to add some fun to your routine!

The best part about trends is that they are constantly changing and pushing you to get a little more creative with your team look. Don’t be afraid to be creative and keep your eyes peeled this season to spot any trendsetting looks!

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