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2023 Top Makeup Trends for Dance Competitions

By March 29, 2023 No Comments

Dance competition season is here and it’s time to start thinking about the latest makeup trends that will make your dance team stand out on stage. 

From bold lips to graphic liner, these are the top seven makeup trends in 2023.

1. Glitter and Sparkle:

Glitter and sparkle are always popular for dance competitions, but in 2023 they will be more on-trend than ever. Whether you add some sparkle to your eye makeup, lips, or even your cheekbones, it’s time to dazzle and shine.

2. Bold Lips:

Bold lips in bright colours like red, fuchsia, or orange will be trending in 2023. Keep the rest of your makeup simple to let your lips be the star of the show.

3. Graphic Liner:

Graphic liner is a bold and eye-catching trend that will be popular in 2023. Create sharp lines, graphic shapes, or even try negative space liner for an edgy and modern look.

4. Dewy Skin:

Dewy, glowing skin will continue to be in style in 2023. Achieve the look with a luminous foundation, highlighter, and a light dusting of powder to set everything in place.

5. Metallics:

Metallics are another trend that will be big in 2023. Use metallic eyeshadows or highlighters to create a shimmery and radiant effect.

6. Monochromatic Makeup:

Monochromatic makeup, where you use the same colour on your eyes, lips, and cheeks, will be a popular trend in 2023. Try shades of pink, peach, or red for a fresh and cohesive look.

7. Colourful Eyeliner:

Coloured eyeliner in shades like blue, purple, and green will be a popular trend in 2023. Keep the rest of your makeup simple and let your eyeliner be the statement piece.

To achieve these looks, be sure to invest in high-quality makeup products that will last throughout the performance. Practice your application techniques and always test your makeup beforehand to avoid any last-minute mishaps.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider working with a professional makeup artist who can help you create a look that complements your dance routine and music. They can provide you with tips and tricks on how to achieve the latest makeup trends and ensure that your team looks their best on stage.

In conclusion, the 2023 dance competition season is the perfect opportunity to experiment with the latest makeup trends. From glitter and sparkle to bold lips and graphic liner, there are endless possibilities to make your dance team stand out on stage. Just remember to practice, test, and have fun with your makeup looks!

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