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When it comes to your stage makeup, using the right tools can be essential to achieve the results you want, and a good makeup brush can make all the difference in how your makeup applies and looks on you. But getting a good makeup brush can get pricey, so you definitely want to be keeping them in the best shape possible.

The first step is knowing how to properly clean your makeup brushes and keep them looking fresh.

Here are our,

TOP TIPS for cleaning and caring for your makeup brushes, so they last you multiple seasons!

1. Clean your makeup brushes after each use.

Your makeup brushes are susceptible to carrying bacteria that is picked up from your hands, skin and more. These bacteria’s lead to infection: your skin breaking out, eye infections, or greater sickness’.

As performers, we work hard to stay healthy, fuel ourselves properly and take constant care of our delicate skin. We definitely do not want to expose ourselves to the bad bacteria that can build up on your makeup brushes. Especially when we store our makeup brushes in open areas where dust can easily fall into the bristles.

This is why we want to make sure to cleanse are brushes after each use. Even if you’e applying makeup onto a clean face bacteria is still a risk!

Fancy cleanser isn’t a necessity. You can use soap or try a DIY brush cleaner.
OR Sephora has a wide selection of makeup brush cleanser options. Their Cleaner Traveller Set is perfect to throw in the makeup case at competitions!

2. Deep clean your makeup brushes every 1-2 weeks.

If you’re using your makeup brushes daily make sure to deep clean them once a week with a good shampoo. If you aren’t wearing your makeup as frequently, once every two weeks is fine. Us performers may want to think about shampooing our brushes after a long competition weekend. We recommend Sephora’s, Detox: Deep Cleaning Brush Shampoo.

*Tip: Try using conditioner every once and a while to get the softness back in your bristles.

3. Use cleaning tools.

You can always clean your makeup brushes using your hands. Simply swirl in soap, lather and deep clean, then rinse. Never let your brushes soak. Water can seal in the handle and cause it to break apart. To avoid this, hold face down under running water while cleaning.

Another option is to purchase a brush cleaning tool. These products are designed to get your makeup brush as clean as it possibly can get without damaging the bristles. Try Sephora’s Solid Brush Cleaner.

4. Dry your makeup brushes upside down to help them keep their shape.

Your makeup brushes are shaped certain ways for specific purposes. Maintaining that shape is important to applying your makeup. But sometimes the bristles can get messed up when we lay them to dry. Instead, try hanging your makeup brushes upside-down. This will keep your brushes in the perfect shape while they dry and also helps ensure that no water seeps into the handle.

This may seem like a daunting task at first, but once you get into the routine of occasionally giving your makeup brushes a good scrub, you will notice how little time and effort it truly takes! Keeping your makeup brushes fresh will surely lead to better application and healthier skin.

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