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While some of you may be getting ready to begin your competitive season, here in the office we got to thinking about some of our favourite things about competition. One thing we can all agree on is how much fun it is to get creative with our solos, duets and trios.

When you do a performance with a smaller group of people you are given the opportunity to add an extra feature that will enhance your costume, theme, and overall performance. You have a chance to create an atmosphere and evoke emotion within your audience and judges. We’ve all felt it. That perfectly put together performance that send shivers down your spine; where every feature comes together to uniquely compliment and intensify the routine. We’ve seen it and we want you to have it.

One extremely effective and useful tool that is available to you is your makeup! Your makeup is a quick and easy way to elevate your look and is so commonly overlooked. It’s time to stray away from the the classic smokey eye and get creative with your theme!

Here are 3 ways to enhance your stage look:

O N E .

Switch up the colour in your eyeshadow or lipstick.

Your colour choice can enhance a theme, evoke an emotion or compliment your costume.The options here are absolutely endless and the results — effective and rewarding. For an intense routine try adding purple, green or blue to your smokey eye for a more dramatic look.

Lipstick is another great tool, as it has the easiest application and removal; use this with quick costume changes and different routine styles. For example: Burgundy for jazz, nude for contemporary, black for hiphop. it’s that easy.

T W O .

Try out some glitter.

Glitter is one of our favourite accessories in performance makeup for two reasons.

One, stage lighting reflects perfectly to help you STAND OUT on stage — add that extra sparkle, LITERALLY.

Two, the options are endless! There are so many ways you can apply your glitter. Your colour choice isn’t limited to the traditional gold and silver. Try out blue, pink, red or green. AND you can apply glitter to your eyes, face, hair, lips, or body. Use your glitter in non traditional spots, and your team will be hard to forget.

T H R E E .

Experiment with your eyeliner look.

You thought there were only two liner looks didn’t you? There is more than just winged and non-winged options; and we are a fan of them ALL. Experimenting with your eyeliner can be a great way to achieve a unique bold look on stage.

Check out this video for some bold liner inspiration

Eyeliner Guide

For more liner inspo, download our “eyeliner guide”.

Your effort into making these decisions, will be SO impactful on stage. You don’t have to overload and have 5 different lipsticks, glitter, a unique liner look and an eye look with your studio brand colours… now THAT’S just overwhelming.

Choose 1-2 makeup tools to enhance your performance look on stage. Think about your solo or small group and brainstorm with your teammates and instructors. What feature could you add to intensify and compliment the theme and costume of your routine? Click here to browse or makeup and colour selections now!

Need help finding your team identity, aligning your team makeup look or adding that extra oomph to your solo? That’s our expertise. Send us an email with any questions/ideas or to get our Team Wholesale Catalogue; we’d love to hear from you!

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