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What we really need to tell you is, that every performer has a unique look. We are huge believers of using makeup as a tool to unify your team but definitely not to make clones. We celebrate uniqueness. With that uniqueness comes different makeup techniques to help you with easy application and an overall effective makeup look.
Here we are going to give you some tips + tricks on how to apply stage eye makeup on monolids. A monolid is an eyelid that does not have a crease, and this can be seen on people of many different backgrounds! 
You might be having challenges following these typical application instructions: 
  1. Blending shadow in the eye crease
  2. Making your eyeshadow dark and noticeable
If you have a monolid, or you are a parent applying makeup on someone who does (moms and dads are the makeup artists in the performance world!) then here are three tips for you. 

start S L O W

First, we need you to shake off your fear of shadow. There is nothing to be afraid of because if you make a mistake, you can clean it up with concealer or a makeup wipe. Start with a small amount of shadow and continue to build and blend on the colour. If you are creating a dramatic smokey eye, don’t start it dramatic, start it small and soft and continue to increase the intensity of the look, slowly. It is really important not to rush, try to give yourself enough time for your performance makeup, at least twenty minutes and try not to do it in the car (I know sometimes that’s all the time you got!).

eyes O P E N

Another great tip, is to apply your eyeshadow with your eyes open. This way you will get a better sense of how high up your eyeshadow should go. When your eyes are open you can decide what would be your halfway point between your lash line and brow line. 


Many performance makeup looks consist of a smokey eye. When you are creating this type of look, use the tip above to find your halfway point. Instead of blending at your crease try to create an ombre look from lash line to below your brow. 
An Ombre is a natural transition from lighter to dark. We suggest going lighter on the lid an transitioning to dark as you apply upwards.
    1. Take your lighter shade (lighter brown or grey) and swipe across the lower half of your eye. 
    2. Take your darker shade (darker brown or grey) and dab on your shadow above your lighter shadow. 
    3. Blend this colours together around the halfway point  you already identified. 
    4. Take a white/cream hilight shadow and dab on the inner corner of your eye, below the brow arch and under the lash line and blend.


We hope these tips help you become more confident when applying an eye makeup look on performers with monolids. Remember, performance makeup is to be seen on stage, under bright lights and by judges in the audience- be proud of the makeup look you create!

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