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As a performer, you have probably come to accept that false lashes are a part of performing on stage. Even so, you most likely fall into one of two categories; you either LOVE how easy lashes apply and look, or you may be a false lash skeptic, who is still questioning their importance and struggling with application. I’m sure you can guess which category we at STAGE, fall into — yes, we are fans! But we want you to be too. We truly believe that false lashes elevate your performance look and need to be a staple in your makeup caboodle — here’s why.


We come back to this time and time again, stage makeup is essential to ensure the audience (and judges!) will see your face from on stage, and false lashes play a huge role in achieving this. By wearing lashes, your eyes will look more open and your expressions will be seen even in the back row. Have you ever seen someone perform without proper stage makeup or lashes? You probably found it hard to see their facial expressions. It is crazy how much of a difference this small step impacts your overall stage presence.


One reason we always recommend lashes over mascara (yes, even if you have really long lashes!) is because it add darkness and thickness to your lash line, which will intensify your overall look. On stage we are going for that extra sparkle, that extra oomph, that extra punchy-ness — performance lashes help you achieve this.


And finally, lashes can be an extension of your routine’s story or theme! Lashes are a great tool to connect your makeup look with the costumes and choreography, without having to change up your base makeup. Lashes come in all shapes and sizes (literally), so the opportunities really are endless in incorporating lashes into your stage makeup look! Check out some lash inspiration here.

This season, try to commit to your lashes because we know they will make a huge difference for you on stage! Application isn’t always easy, but by committing to them for the season will ensure you improve and make every following year a little easier. It can be a daunting task, especially when applying on your little ones, but we hope to make this process smoother and simpler for you.

If you are looking for quality performance lashes for this season, you can find them here.

Check out our HOW TO VIDEO below.

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