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As performers, we have pretty substantial makeup sets, all with their unique qualities, benefits and features. Learning about each of your products can be time consuming (and overwhelming), but in the end, it leads to better application and overall use! We want you to know the ins and outs of the SBC line to ensure you have the best possible experience. We created this mini product cheat sheet, for you to learn more about the products you use and love.

Full coverage — Lightweight — Longwearing — Paraben Free — Non Comedogenic — Fragrance Free — Hypo- Allergenic — Sensitivity Tested — Cruelty Free — Made in Canada

B A S E Face Products

Face Primer

— the perfect base to even out your skin tone, smooth out your skin and provide the perfect base before you apply your foundation
— ensures your stage makeup will last all day

TIP: apply your face primer, using one pump, on a fresh face, over the entire face and down the neck — you can avoid your eyes/ lips here, as you will want to use the Lip + Eye Primer there.

Lip + Eye Primer

— adds longevity to your lipstick and from feathering out
— prevents your eyeshadow from wearing off and ensures your product blends evenly
— can be used as a back up concealer for light skin tones!

TIP: Apply sparingly in a light tapping motion with your finger or a concealer brush. A little goes a long way!


— full coverage + matte finish
— set with our dual powder to increase it’s staying power

TIP: Use your concealer to touch up your lipstick, or to straighten your winged liner; it is the perfect tool to create clean edges. Concealer is your best friend when performing!

HD Foundation

— non-transferable and water resistant! Will not rub off on costumes and can last under the bright stage lights

TIP: Don’t over apply your foundation, use 1-2pumps of product and set with your dual powder for added coverage and longevity.

F E A T U R E Face Products

Matte Liquid Lipstick

— this lipstick goes on liquid and dries matte; highly pigmented, lightweight + long lasting
— will not feather so a lip pencil is not required, but using our clear wax lip pencil never hurts

TIP: always start by criss crossing at your cupid bow to define the shape, line the lips and fill in the rest. Only apply one coat and let dry completely before touching (or adding sparkles on top!)

Liner Pen

— store these facing downwards for optimal application and to ensure they do not dry out

TIP: the applicator is double ended! If you ever feel like there isn’t enough product take this tip, pull it out and flip it — it will be like brand new.


— triple milled + highly pigmented. Perfect for the stage!
— refillable palettes; our magnetic eyeshadow pans can be removed and replaced easily

TIP: Turn any eyeshadow into an eyeliner. Use a wet angle brush and apply as a liner. Create metallic and colourful liners. It’s time to get creative.

Star Crystals

— loose glitter to add that extra sparkle, available in every colour of the rainbow.
— can be used on the eyes, lips, face, hair and body; ensure you choose the correct adhesive depending on the area you want to apply it to!
– Eyes — clear liquid adhesive
– Lips — over a matte lipstick or with a clear gloss
– Hair/ Body / Face — clear glitter glue

TIP: For full coverage use it over any matte liquid lipstick. Make sure the lipstick has dried completely, and using your finger or a lip brush, dab on your favourite star crystal.

Use this guide whenever you feel like you’re not sure how to use your product or you are looking to enhance your experience with our products! Knowledge is power, and there is so much power in an effective performance look!

Have questions that you would like us to answer? Send us an email and we will be sure to answer them in an upcoming story!

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