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This year’s look book is inspired by the unique magic that each person possess, and their ability to recognize and harness it. Magic is universal but shows up differently for each person. For some, their magic might be their determination, fearlessness, or their stage presence; while others might find their magic is their passion, tranquility or absolute devotion to their craft. Whatever magic looks like to you, we want to encourage YOU to find your magic and celebrate it.

Why Magic?

We chose MAGIC for this year’s look book concept because acknowledging and owning your own unique magic is important for everyone, and especially for young people. To celebrate and share your magic with your communities will have a ripple effect of beautiful change, and will bring more light and love into this world. imagine we saw the world in a way that highlighted the things that make us more unique and powerful, and worked towards turning our “can’ts” into “cans”. Let’s start today.

When we imagine MAGIC, and what that looks like in a physical form, we imagine light, airy and iridescent. The makeup looks were chosen to reflect this dreaminess, mixing hues of rose gold shadows and star crystals and lots of dewey highlight. We paired these colours with a bold liner, dramatic lashes and the pop of pink lip, to create a statement look for the stage.







They say it takes a village, and in creating this look book, this is especially true. The set was definitely busy on shoot day- we had 2 creative directors, 2 photographers, 3 makeup artist, and 6 ambassadors! Each person plays an important role in the day and the making of the look book possible. Here are the special credits to everyone who made it extra ‘magical’.

Creative Director – Danielle Houston
Director + Wardrobe + Continuity – Stephanie Houston
Lead Makeup Artist – Nina Karola
Assistant Makeup Artists – Rachel Cornett + Kyleigh Matera
Photographers – Jackie Laine + Lily Avetisyan
Wardrobe – The Dancewear Centre
2019- 2020 Ambassadors: Claire, Melody, Tehya, Simona, Ivanna, Tiffany

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