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In our culture of a strong work ethic, we shouldn’t forget the importance of making sure that we are on our A-game. To show up as your authentic and best self, you are going to manage your life in concentric circles. In the management concept of concentric circles, with you at the center, don’t forget to attend to the innermost ring; yourself. As the holiday season begins with a new year on the horizon, take this time to reset and do as little or as much as you want. 

Here are three simple ways to rest and why you need plenty of it this holiday season as a dance studio owner.

1. Sleep 8 hours or more

Running a business is hard. Lack of sleep and over-working are common amongst business owners. According to research, sleep by itself is the mind trying to organize itself. While your brain cells get a good scrubbing during the sleep phase, the memories and things learned during the day also get organized. Without proper sleep, you may find it difficult to remember things, stay on top of things and might even have a hard time with new information, focus and attention. Therefore an extended rest is going to provide an even more organized mind and approach which will eventually impact your dance studio business. Remember sleep and job performance are closely related.

2. Movement saves the day

As a dance studio owner, it is easy to become wrapped up in the day-to-day running of your business, forgetting to go back to your love of dance and movement. Leave your managerial role and move into the dancer role. Take a break from the demands of being a dance studio owner and move your body. Feel inspired, get your blood flowing and invoke the creativity within you. Implement this routine with good breathing exercises for some inner bliss. If you want to incorporate more movement into your schedule, Barre Teja, a lifestyle and customizable workout platform is a perfect solution. Choose from a 100+ workout library that ranges from low impact barre to HIIT.

3. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate.

Meditations are for reflection and quiet contemplating. One needs to know themselves in order to be effective at roles and responsibilities they hold. Meditation affects the body in exactly the opposite way that stress does; by triggering the body’s relaxation response. It repairs the body, helps restore it to a calm state and prevents new damage from the effects of stress. Take 30 mins a day to slow down, relax, breathe deep and meditate. This will leave you feeling better, refreshed, and ready to face challenges of the day with inner peace, calm and a healthy attitude.  

More benefits

Another great benefit of rest is the growth of resiliency. Rest will give you the resilience to withstand the slings and arrows of life. Sometimes even the youthful exuberance of students may present challenges but with adequate rest, these issues will be less-trying. The rest period will give you time to replenish your reserves of resilience. 

After your rest, it will give you a new look and you might see things that you would have missed had you not had the rest. Rest is refreshment for the mind, body and spirit. Everything from your accounting and financial statements, to marketing, to class participation, to dance choreography will be seen through a clear lens developed from your resting hiatus. 

This holiday season should be spent, going back within. To stay away from hectic schedules, enjoy living in the moment, indulge in some holiday treats, keep moving your body, seek inspiration, show gratitude and spend time with family and friends.

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