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We aren’t sure how it happened so quickly, but another season is upon us! Although the hustle bustle of the start of the year is energizing, it can also be overwhelming, especially when you have so much you want to accomplish this year.

Don’t let registration and the first weeks of classes bog you down. Prioritize those dreamy improvements and makes sure you see them through this season. We’ve put together a checklist that will help your season starts off organized and exactly how you want it.

1. Update your website
  • new photos to reflect the most current roster of students
  • ensure all of your information online is up to date {registration details, schedule, contact information, faculty, links work}
  • link your website to your social media accounts {instagram and facebook}! New and returning students love to connect online and showcasing your community can be a huge selling feature!
2. Update your studio manual {or create one, if you haven’t already!}
  • Take time to think about what policies you want to update + change
  • Include all aspects of the dance season to give clear information up front and to lessen questions
  • Be sure to include information on:
    • both recreational + competitive company guidelines
    • in-studio team wear
    • studio culture — acceptable + unacceptable studio behavior
    • team makeup + hair requirement
    • best methods of communication {i.e booking meetings, email, studio phone calls}
    • you might want to include no texting staff or outside of studio hours (put boundaries in place!)
    • All important dates + events {the more organized you are, the more successful your season will be}
    • Send this digitally upon registration, so everyone has a copy in their inbox!
3. Select team wear for the season
  • Be it unified in-studio team wear or competitive team jackets, the best time to get this set up is at the start of a fresh season. This way you aren’t rushed in the design process and you can ensure you are selecting what is best for your team.
  • Check out Tendu Active for your in-studio team wear this season {featured in photo above!}
4. Set up your team makeup service!
  • September might feel early to get this organized, but the sooner you do, the less headache it will be. And we all know that the performance/comp season is here before we know it.
  • Once you’ve made these decisions, you can include them directly in your handbook so everyone knows the studio standards from the get go.
Set up your team makeup service here!

You know what they say — the best way to lead is by example. The more passionate, innovative and organized you are, the more your team will reciprocate this. Having a system in place to manage change (an updated studio manual, for example) will ease the process for your clients to evolve with you!

Do you have anything you would include on this checklist? Have you implemented anything that you have found to be really successful? Comment below, let us know on instagram or send us an email — we would love to hear from you!

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