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We’re back! Back to the stage and back in the spotlight. We feel your energy and we’re here for it. Here to see you back doing what we all love most. Performing.

Why Spotlight?

This season we celebrate the final touches. The fine details. The intricate decisions. The pieces that work together behind-the-scenes to bring forward pieces of art.

This look book features our Stage Beauty Co. ambassadors in bold, clean & classic performance makeup looks paired with eye catching costumes by The Glitter Parlour. These are the final touches that elevate your performance. We hope this collection inspires you to get creative, cherish the details and to give it your all this year.

Find your spotlight, dreamers, and SHINE.

Look Breakdowns

Spotlight Looks


What is your favourite part about being “in the spotlight"?

My favourite part of being on stage is feeling the reaction of the audience and enjoying the energy of the spectators. The cheers, the lights, the music - it's all so invigorating and exciting! I just love performing live!!

- Vianna


What do you think it will feel like to perform again?

To perform again is to take in a breath of fresh air after holding it in for years. For many performers, being on stage and sharing the art of dance with the community is the reason behind our passion. Not only does performing mean pouring my heart out on stage, but it extends to showing my true colours and telling the story I’ve always wanted to tell when words have failed me. Many times, I’m reminded of when my eyes would light up at the sight of dancers on stage, performing their powerful but graceful movements and beautiful technique. Now, it’s time for me to be the one back on stage, inspiring silent watchers to tell ther story through dance and any other arts that suits them. When I’m on stage, the world pauses. It’s just me, my breath, my body and dance. I feel invincible. Nothing can stop me from doing what I love most. The adrenaline rush. The stage makeup. The nervous pre-performance rituals while waiting in the wings. It makes my heart flutter and beat in my ears, but I LOVE IT!!!

- Melody


What is your favourite part about being “in the spotlight"?

My favourite part about being in the spotlight is doing it for me, not for anyone else but me. It might be selfish but at the end of the day if it is something you have a love for, do it for you.

- Tehya


How are you planning to make the most out of this season?

Considering it is my final year dancing at my studio, I plan to make the most out of this year for sure. Losing two years of competition was very hard for me, but fortunately things are looking up for us this year! I plan to practice as often as I can to maintain my strength. I want to spend as much time as I possibly can at the studio because it is my second home. It will be incredibly hard to graduate but I am extremely excited to have an amazing year with my team!

- Claire


What are you most looking forward to with being back on stage this year?

I’m looking forward to seeing our growth even through all of the obstacles we’ve faced over the past couple years! Because of our passion for dance we’ve committed to online classes and all the restrictions that come with that. I’m very excited to see all our hard work and dedication back on the stage! I’m really looking forward to the competition, feedback, support, and excitement that comes with a live stage event!

- Simona


What are you most looking forward to with getting back on stage this year?

I look forward to performing and competing with my team on stage this season!! It’s been too long since I have performed with a group on stage and I miss the feeling! I can’t wait to own that stage!

- Ivanna


What do you think it will feel like to perform again?

AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to hit the stage again!

- Avery

Celebrate & share your Spotlight Moments with Stage Beauty Co. this season!

Tag us in your favourite performance or backstage moments for a chance to win a monthly ‘Spotlight Makeup Kit’ from February – June 2022.

PLUS, use code SPOTLIGHT on your online orders to get a special extra gift from us! Applicable on our ONLINE SHOP ONLY (no studio portal orders).

This look book is the result of hard work and collaboration. Huge thank you to the amazing team we worked with to make Spotlight 2022 happen.

Creative Directors – Danielle Houston + Kassandra DeLuca
Assistant Director + Video – Stephanie Houston
Set Assistant + Content – Beth De Souza
Lead Makeup Artist – Presley Foskett
Assistant Makeup Artists – Di Mitra & Kyra Jansz
Photographers – John Baudald Photography
Location – Millworks Creative
Costumes – The Glitter Parlour
2021/22 Ambassadors: Claire, Melody, Tehya, Simona, Ivanna, Vianna, Avery


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