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If you thought that the 2019 comp season would reflect the same makeup & hair trends from last season, you are in for a treat! 2019 is shaping up to be the most eclectic season yet; with more diverse looks than we’ve ever seen before. This season you’ll find that minimalist meets glam; with beautiful combinations of neutrals, extra shine and pops of deep colour.

Here are the most stand out feature’s this season —


We all know that red lips are the mascot of the performance world, but this year, the traditional lip is being challenged by berry tones, deeper wine reds and nudes. More teams are opting for a more ‘natural berry pink’ look giving the lips a great accentuation on stage, or going way deeper on the lips all together. We are definitely seeing less teams rocking the classic red lip; some are even choosing the most minimal look of all – nude lips! This minimalistic approach can compliment routines and costumes nicely, because this colour will still accentuate your lips as long as you’ve chosen a nude with a good undertone.


Team’s that are opting for a nude lip look, are pairing it one of two ways. They’ll either up the minimalism with a ‘fresh faced’ look of hilight, neutral lids and a dab of gold eye glitter. Or black smokey eye + intense cat eye. Either way, they’re rocking it.

We are seeing a lot more statement eye looks this year. Darker lids + more glitter. Eye Glitter was phasing out for a minute there, but it’s back with full force. One of our most popular items this season, has been our Liquid Eye Glitter, and it’s no suprise there, everyone is craving a little extra glam.


If you are 14 and over, you are probably adding that extra shine to your cheeks, collar bones, forehead/nose/chin. Hi lite adds the perfect amount of glow, and something magical definitely happens when the stage lights hits you just right — we are pretty sure it’s an energy source.


Centre parts are where it’s at in 2019. We are seeing this classic part paired with a variety of hair styles to give a very sophisticated, clean look, and we absolutely love it. Be it pony, low bun, or high double buns, centre parts are by far the most common hair look this season. Braids and twists, combined with the centre part is an edgy look you’re sure to see on stage. Team are opting for classic, clean hair styles that can be left in for every routine — efficiency is key at competition!

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