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Time to Treat Yourself!

Self-love is essential to to our success. The love and care you give yourself will fuel those late night practices, ease those body aches and help you to be your best self. As we enter into those high-stress periods in the performance world (competition time), it’s easy to side step personal care in order to meet the next time crunch. In reality, you can’t perform tasks to the best of your ability until your physical and mental health is taken care of first.
We sat down with Emma, of 100% You Athletics, to gain her perspective on self-love. Her curriculum provides a wide range of tools and strategies to help athletes stay as stress free and as positive, as possible during training and performances. One of the tools Emma discusses is soothing grounding strategies. This is the practice of saying kind words to ourselves and challenging negative self-talk with positive self-talk. Emma classifies self love as, being kind to yourself and confident in your abilities…being able to tell the whole story including the mistakes and the mishaps. Self-love is recognizing your own worth.”
Take a moment to think about what your behaviour and self-love is saying to you about your worth. It’s so easy to forget about self-care when you have other things that seem higher on the priority list. Still, when you forgo self-care for other projects you reinforce the behaviour that your personal well being is less important than those other tasks. And we know that you know, that your #1 priority needs to be YOU. When you make yourself and your self-love a priority, that positivity will reflect in your life and your performance. 

So, here are our TOP TIPS for maintaining Self-Love:

  • Set a schedule and stick to it. That’s right, your self-love routine needs to sit right in your calendar! The first step to maintaining your needs as a priority, is to set the time aside before it slips away from you. By organizing your schedule in this way, even your calendar will reinforce that you come first. Remember! Small steps are important. We know how hard it is implementing new schedules and habits. Try choosing one activity or exercise to do for one hour each week and build up from there!
  • Experiment! Each of us are so unique and self-love will look different from one person to the next. The trick is testing out what works for you. The good news is that you already have a place to start. Begin by asking yourself what your hobbies are, and how these hobbies benefit you. Do they bring you joy, relaxation, clarity or peace-of-mind? If they don’t can you think of any activity that would? Think about the current stresses and goals you have in your life. Are there any activities that can ease these tensions or foster those goals? This self-reflection should give you a good place to start. Once you have a few activities and exercise narrowed down try giving one a shot!

  • Invest in your self-love! Once you’ve experimented and know what works for you it’s time to find some quality products to help promote your worth and a healthy mind and body, to keep you on track on a daily basis. 

We’ve narrowed down our top 5 ways you can invest to keep your self-love a priority this season.

So dreamers, it’s time to get back to doing YOU! We know you’re worth it and it’s time to show yourself you know it too.
– The STAGE Family ♡


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