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What does it mean to Shop Local?

The ‘Shop Local’ trend is identified by the choice, made by consumers like you, to purchase your food, clothing, and other necessities, from locally owned small business owners, as opposed to a large retailer chain.

This can mean supporting the small businesses in your local area, but it can also mean supporting businesses that are locally curated. If I do find myself in a large retail store, or on the hunt for a new store, I’m constantly looking for the ‘made in Canada’ line.

Why shop local?

1. Support your community.

Shopping local helps to support your community to thrive. Not only because you are supporting that store itself at the point of purchase, but also because these small businesses usually purchase their materials from other locally owned businesses. This helps to grow the local tax base, keeps profits within the community, and raises the value on your property.

2. Support local charities.

Support the less fortunate within your community. Local businesses donate more to local charities, vs. non-local business owners donating to well known national charities.

3. Give character to your community.

The character and culture of your community is defined in part by the businesses that are apart of its collective. Having a mix of local businesses distinguishes the uniqueness and diversity of your area, whether that be in your town, province, or country.

Furthermore,  shopping at these local businesses can also help distinguish your personal character and the uniqueness you carry with you in your own life. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ikea just as much as the next person, but there’s nothing better than getting that one standout, signature piece of furniture that I know no one else has. One major benefit of shopping local, is definitely that ability to open yourself up to a wide range of diverse products, and creating your own style.

4. Reduce environmental impact.

Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, small business owners tend to purchase their materials from other locally owned businesses. This means a large part of their business structure avoids international shipping. In effect, this helps to reduce environmental impact, by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and acoustic and oil pollution. These emissions are expected to rise from 50 to 250 percent by 2050 if no action is taken.

Now, this doesn’t mean that small businesses avoid shipping all together. This just means that they’re reducing the environmental damage caused by shipping by buying local raw materials, in comparison to large retailers. In fact, businesses (locally owned and large retailers alike) have increased shipping, to meet the needs of online shopping. While this doesn’t help our shipping pollution, it does help to decrease transportation. (Consider it as though your purchases are being carpooled to you in the HOV lane, rather than multi single drivers going to the same place).

Finally, small businesses require comparatively little infrastructure, and more effectively utilize public services, relative to large chain stores. Therefore, local businesses don’t create nearly the same waste as large retailer chains.

5. Support employment in your community.

Local businesses are the largest employer nationally. PLUS, more jobs in local communities means less commute. Again lowering pollution.

6. Better products and customer service.

When you shop at a small business you usually get better products and better service, due to the fact that they often hire people with more specific product expertise. This is because of local businesses place a large focus on customer service.

Our number one priority at Stage Beauty Co., is exceptional customer service and hands on support. We are constantly looking for new ways that we can add value to our products, and provide support to our clients. This is why a large part of our services include our handbook and video tutorials, and why we’re constantly interacting with our consumers to learn more about their preferences.

7. Local shops invest in the community.

Local businesses are owned by people who live in the community, and who care about the community’s welfare and future. By opening their business, they have invested into the community, and are less likely to leave or take their business elsewhere. This means Canadian owned businesses invest in the nation, and prioritize the needs and desires of those residing there.

8. Promotes innovation.

Due to the fact that small businesses are forced to compete with large retailers, and other small businesses alike, this promotes a marketplace of innovation. As each business fights to be the best, the quality goes up, and the prices stay competitive.

9. You MATTER.

Finally, your values, your likes and your dislikes, matter to your local businesses. They are here to serve the community and the people in it. It is for this reason, that you can see so many small business owners taking the time to get to know their customers; personal connection counts to them. We find that collaborating with the community, connecting with people, and sharing our story is a big part of who we are and what we do (plus one of our fav parts of the job!) .

With that in mind, at The Stage Beauty Company are very proud to be Made in Canada.

Stage Beauty Co. is a local, Canadian made, makeup line. All of our products are designed and made in Toronto, Canada, and built to meet the needs of the everyday performer.

When you go out to shop, don’t forget the influence and power you carry with your wallet. When you choose where to spend your money you are voting with your dollar. Help your community thrive, explore your options and shop local today!

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