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It’s time to STAND OUT this performance season. Let’s be honest, you’ve worked way too hard all year, perfecting your technique and nailing your choreo, to finally get on stage and have no one see your face; we can’t bear it! We know how hard you work and we want it to show.

Set yourself apart from your competitors with these 3 easy ways to upgrade your performance look this season.


Check out our Lightning Bolt Liner Tutorial here.

One of the simplest ways to give you an edgy stand out look in your next performance! Choose the style that suits you and throw over any base eyeshadow look.

Not enough glam? Try a glitter liner instead! Combine any star crystal shade with our liquid adhesive to transform into an eyeliner.


Take full control of your creativity with rhinestones! There are no limitations here; try one of our inspirational designs to the right or create any pattern you like. Simple and easy way to UP your look this season.

E-mail us for studio orders + additional design options.


Liquid Diamonds in ‘Victress

Star Crystals in ‘Turquoise

E-mail us for custom shade selections.

Black CrushMatte Liquid Lipstick + ‘GoldStar Crystals.

It can be so easy to stick to the classic red lip and smokey eye, but don’t be afraid to experiment with colour! One way to stand out from your competitors is to go with a bold colour palette.

This season we’ve been obsessed with the monochromatic trend of matching your eyes, cheeks and lips. This is was our inspiration for our looks in the 1st pic to the left!

OR, start with just the lips! A bold lip look can be the perfect game changer to match the style and motif of your performance. Get a flawless finish with our bold Matte Liquid Lipsticks, or glam it up with Liquid Diamonds and Star Crystals. See the bottom pictures to the left for glitter inspirations!

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