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We knew it was coming but somehow it still always sneaks up on us! IT’S SEPTEMBER and it’s time to get back to practice! All the excitement of your new routines and costumes for this season are just around the corner. But FIRST we want to make sure you hit the ground running with a clean + fresh practise bag, filled with all your performer essentials! This is your chance to get organized and feel refreshed for the start of a new season.

1. Make sure your practice bag is clean and fresh!

Before getting back to practice start things off on the right foot with a nice clean bag. Empty out all your shoes and the little knick-knacks that have gathered at the bottom of the bag. If the material allows, throw your bag in the wash.

Looking for a new dance bag? Our local retailers carry some of our favourites! check out Dancewear (Burlington), Dancewear Centre (North York) and Jazz-Ma-Tazz (Vancouver)!

2. Purge your practice clothing!

Now that your bag is empty, it’s time to take a look at your shoes and practice clothes. Do you have anything that you’ve out grown? Set those aside to be donated (or handed down to a younger sibling!).

Once you know what you are keeping give your shoes a nice clean, and throw any clothes that need to be cleaned in the wash.

3. Restock!

Since you now know what you’re keeping and what you’re getting rid of, you are in the perfect place to start forming a list of what you’ll need to buy for this season. We recommend referring to your teams updated studio manuel/ requirements. Additionally, looking at your donation pile should also tell you what you need.

Before you run off to store take a quick look at our list of practice bag essentials to add to your bag!

4. Get your dance bag essentials!
We created a list for you beauties of all our favourite dance bag essentials. Keeping these things in your bag is a sure way to keep you fuelled, refreshed and ready for practice!

  • hair ties
  • bobby pins
  • hair brush
  • water bottle
  • essential oils set – 5 unique oils made to target the needs of performers
  • baby wipes
  • hygiene products: deodorant, tampons/pads etc.
  • good electro lite pack
  • granola bar (just in case)
  • gratitude journal – one of the most powerful and well-researched positive psychology practices. Gratitude journaling is a great way to treat your health and happiness by simply tracking the good things in life. Check out Inidgo‘s journal section or download the Gratitude/ Bliss Journal App here free!
  • flexibility band
  • tensor bandage
  • recommended DIY bag freshener – tutorial coming soon!

Looking for somewhere to shop? Checkout our fav retailers! Dancewear (Burlington), Dancewear Centre (North York), Gabie’s Boutique (New Market), My Own Design (Brampton) and Jazz-Ma-Tazz (Vancouver)!

What are your favourite things to keep in your practice bag!? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

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